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The Korean language class participating in the largest number of students in Sri Lanka

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Special Paper System

Students will be able to access one of the selected Special Papers which according to student’s industry. Each paper has 200 questions regarding particular industry.

Online Exam Simulator

All students who purchase paper bundles will have access to the online exam simulator.

Courses for special Korean Exam

Students can attend to the classes for the special Korean Language Exam. Then they can prepare for the exam.

Korean Language Courses

Students can attend to the Korean Language classes before they sit for a model exam.

Translated Syllabus

All students will be given a copy of the Koran Language syllabus which is translated to Sinhalese.

Normal Paper System (CBT)

Students will be able to practice model papers prior to the exam. Each paper will include 25 Multi Choice Questions and 25 Audio questions.

Online Paper Categories

Pre Practice MCQ Paper
Pre Practice Audio Paper
General Paper Practice
Special Industrial Paper Practice
Past Paper Question Book

What Students Saying

The Korean language class participating in the largest number of students in Sri Lanka

Hansaka Naveen

“He is the most caring and friendly teacher [who] have managed to [pique] my interest in the module (public speaking). He also teaches very effectively and makes learning a joy.”

Suresh Keerthiwardana

“One of the most approachable [teachers] I’ve met. He’s genuinely concerned about our learning.”

Lakshan Madusanka

“Very helpful and friendly. [One] can easily converse with him and ask for useful feedback at any point in time and would always receive advice that is helpful to the end goal of our proposal.”